WESTERN WOODS & WATERS celebrates the multi-faceted angling and hunting experience in Western Canada, sharing with our readers the excitement, the awe and the challenges of life in the outdoors, be it in Prairie, high alpine or subArctic taiga. We strive to provide our readers with accurate, informative, useful and entertaining reading in a print magazine that can be enjoyed and shared beyond the umbilicus of electrical plugs or ever-hungry batteries. To achieve this goal, we rely on the participation of contributing writers throughout Western Canada.

We publish articles that share the outdoor experience and we publish articles which address controversial subjects of relevance to the anglers and hunters within our region. As such, we depend on our writers to be passionately knowledgeable about their subject, to be compelling in their approach and well-grounded in their understanding. Among our contributors are award-winning outdoor writers and photographers, but our doors are also open to beginning writers who share that passion and are willing to lean on our experienced editorial staff for guidance.


FEATURE ARTICLES: (please refer to the editorial calendar for the appropriate timing of subject matter and remember that we try to plan out our issues six months in advance).

COLUMNS: We are looking for tightly written, 700-word columns in various aspects, including Fishing, Fly Fishing & Tying, Shooting, Archery, Hunting Dogs and Current Affairs.

PRODUCT REPORTS: in addition to occasional full-length product roundup features, we will be running regular column length product reports whenever items of interest are released.

TIPS AND TRICKS: Useful ways of doing things and off beat approaches to make the outdoors experience more enjoyable. For instance, using bubble gum to fix a pesky leak in the boat, dental floss to reattach a loose line guide, and warming batteries for that last burst of power to get you out of the bush.

BACK OF THE BOOK: For the time being we will be featuring historical vignettes of hunting and fishing in Western Canada in days gone by. Ideally these will consist of a photo from fishing trips or hunting camps from the past with a short story of where and when the picture was taken, the people involved and any humorous or touching anecdote related to the picture.

THIS HAPPENED TO ME: Reader-written. Short items about things they experience in their time spend outdoors. Maybe a cougar encounter, a vehicle breakdown in the bush or a fish that leaped into the boat.


Contributors are urged to contact the editor ( with queries and article ideas. These should consist of a summary of the proposed article, the angle you intend to take and a clear idea of the point of the article. Keep the queries short and to the point; a paragraph should be plenty. A small but representative selection of low-resolution thumbnails is always useful to convince us of the article’s merit. Multiple article queries are accepted and we will make every effort to respond to your proposals within two weeks.

Also, please indicate clearly whether the proposal is for a full length feature which typically run 1,500 to 2000 words or a column piece which run 700 words. Submissions are must be accompanied with a selection of sharp images that illustrate the subject discussed, the surrounding where the article takes place, the equipment used and the object of the article—the fish sought, the fish caught in a an angling article or the game hunted an the game tagged in a hunting piece.

Acceptance is dependent on the subject of the article, on the timeliness of the proposal and on the originality of its premise.


WESTERN WOODS & WATERS is a proudly Canadian magazine. As such, we refer to and insist on the Canadian Press Stylebook conventions. In part, that means we spell certain words (centre, odour, flavour, for instance) differently than our colourful (not colorful) neighbours (not neighbors) to the south. Our copy editor would be forever grateful if you could adopt that style in your submissions; saves the time-consuming task of combing through the text changing everything to CP style.

As far as numbers are concerned, we spell out those from zero to and including nine, and express number from and including 10 in numerals.

Please submit your queries and articles unadorned with font changes, bolds, italic and other attention-getting formatting.


We depend on our contributors to provide supporting photos and a well-rounded photo package is critical to the acceptance of an article for WESTERN WOODS & WATERS. The package should, of course, include a photo of the fish or game taken, but kindly compose the picture with as much respect for your quarry as possible. Blood and gore are out, photos of fish held up by the gills or dangling off the end of a gaff will not be used, nor will game dripping blood off the back of a pickup truck. In taking photos for the article try to tell the story in pictures, illustrating the techniques and incidents discussed in the text. The reader should get a sense of being there, experiencing the sights and events as well as the points made in the text.

All photo submissions should be in the form of high-resolution, sharp and clear digital images. These can be transmitted as attachments to the text file or—preferably--uploaded to one of several image hosting sites (photobucket or flickr or dropbox, for instance) from which our art department can select the images to go with article. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact us.

Photographers note: We are always in the market for cover photos. These must be in high resolution, vertical (portrait) format showing some aspect of the outdoors pertinent to a particular issue. Please discuss with the Editor and provide low-resolution thumbnails prior to submitting.


WESTERN WOODS & WATERS pays $150.00 for a feature article/photo package, $100.00 for a column which includes at least three images to illustrate the premise of the column. Tips & Tricks and This Happened to Me contributors will receive product for their contributions. PAYMENT FOR ALL EDITORIALS IS 30-45 days after the specific issue is uploaded to the Website. For clarity as to when each magazine is uploaded, kindly send an email to to obtain the dates.


WESTERN WOODS & WATERS buys first time North American rights, but may on occasion be willing to buy reprint rights on previously published articles, provided the author indicate at the time of query where and when the article or articles was/were published.


Please note that we frown on multiple submissions in which article proposals and especially finished articles are submitted to us and as well as other publications at the same time.


Letters to the Editors are welcome at WESTERN WOODS & WATERS because we care what our readers think, and we want to know what they enjoy about our magazine and what irks them. We want to know how they feel about issues that matter to Western anglers and hunters. And if we’ve erred, we’re open to criticism too. However, we will not tolerate rude, vindictive or abusive missives and, at our discretion, will discard such items. Letters to the editor and pertinent photographs should be sent to We value your input.